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  • July 1, 1991

  • July 1, 1991

  • April 1, 2011

  • September 1, 2017

  • September 1, 2017

  • October 23, 2018

  • May 2, 2019



The roots of Telosity – our story – stands on the shoulders of grandparents that taught us to think creatively, to get hard work done well and who infused in our families the same deep values and convictions that fuel our company.

As a business, we are built on the foundations laid down by Chris Houston, who from his roots as a fisheries biologist, tending the stretched fish populations of an unstable environment, and learned to do the same in the board room, challenging and strengthening the business clients of Change Alliance over more than thirty years.

Change Alliance

Change Alliance Founded

Change Alliance was founded in 1991 and became the vehicle by which Chris served his corporate and not-for-profit clients through delivery of services such as business strategy, organization design, executive team development, leadership coaching and governance. Through participation in the management process of a wide range of businesses (banks, insurance brokers, manufacturers, advertising agencies, consumer businesses, B2B businesses, etc) Chris noticed that a new demand was being made of business – to do good, not just do well.

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Telosity Idea Begins to take Shape

Chris codified his observations through a series of blogs, over three years, that one of his global clients published as part of their thought leadership channels – called “Telosity”.

Because the themes and concepts laid out in these blogs are so pivotal for our own approach to consulting we have decided to republish them in our own space. They will be supplemented with our own commentary as well as recent case studies that highlight key points and ideas.

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Book is Written

In 2017, the series of blogs became a book; “For Goodness Sake: Satisfy the hunger for meaningful business.” “For Goodness Sake was written as an encouragement to an emerging generation of leaders who as both employees and consumers were by their demand for sustainable product and meaningful work are today re-shaping the role of business in society.

The book has been well received and has been used as core reading material for commerce courses in internationally recognized post-secondary institutions.


Larry Fink's Letter to CEOs

In his letters to the shareholders of Blackrock, a global behemoth of investment capital, Larry Fink wrote—in 2018 and again in 2019— “purpose is not the sole pursuit of profits but the animating force for achieving them”. Purpose – a social benefit – is the reason a company exists, and profit is a powerful and essential mechanism that serves such purpose as means, not end. What had begun as a sense that the world was changing, and hesitantly put into words as Telosity, was now mainstream. This was no trend, this was a foundation for the future of business.

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Telosity is launched

In 2018, over ninety local leaders from every sector, gathered at Chris’s Ontario farm to imagine what might happen if an entire region embraced business as a force for good. What would happen if we set out to transform the whole character of business in a specific geography and show that business that puts Purpose first, reflects that purpose in clear identity of its brand and the culture of its organization, and uses profit as a fuel for doing more good?  The response to the idea was very positive, but there needed to be a business case for Telosity.

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The Telosity Company is Founded: May 2, 2019

The Telosity Company was founded—with the help of numerous advisors—by Dan Lovero and Julian Houston in order to draw alongside leaders and their teams so that they might discern, render, and carefully shepherd their company’s purpose and identity as it is declared in their brand and activated by their culture.  From a distinctive and practical point of view, The Telosity Company will work together with you in order to create and evaluate the necessary strategies, operations and systems for harnessing the enormous power of profit to fuel your purpose, declare your brand, and activate your culture.

It is our personal conviction that every organization, regardless of its history, must deliver social impact in an economically sustainable way. These are the companies of the future.  They are the ones who will be looked to address the pressing social and economic issues of a 21st Century that will be marked by climate change, social disruption and breathtaking technological revolution.

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