Our Team


At the heart of our team is the friendship between the founders Dan and Julian. Both Dan and Julian are familiar with their own generation, grasping the mental models, social tools, communication styles and priorities of this age of hyper-individualism and personalization at scale.  They recognize that in order to enable businesses to serve such highly fragmented markets The Telosity Company will require an inner cohesion that only comes with its own well-articulated purpose and identity.


Dan Lovero

Managing Partner
Dan enjoys partnering and walking alongside his clients working towards a better business landscape. He is experienced in empowering teams and individuals to drive a change process within a training environment. He looks to derive support, potential, and meaning to those he works with.

Julian Houston

Senior Partner
In the boardroom Julian uses his outside-the-box creativity, pattern recognition skills, and systems thinking to diagnose issues and generate creative solutions. At home, he uses the same skills to endlessly speak in metaphors and drive his straight-shooting wife nuts.

Dan and Julian are supported by Chris, Heather and Julia who all have many years of experience serving corporate, social purpose, not-for-profit, and family business clients. Chris provides Dan and Julian with the intellectual property and experience that comes from a successful thirty-year career serving senior management teams on a global scale.  Heather knows the non-profit sector in the Guelph and Wellington regions, is an experienced coach of leaders and is deeply committed to the ideals of Telosity. Julia and is an expert facilitator and workshop leader helping organizations align purpose with systems, particularly through effective leadership, talent management and employee engagement.


Chris Houston

Chris Houston is a seasoned consultant who helps his clients bring about fundamental change in the organizations they lead. His experience spans 30+ years as a consultant, coach, mentor and facilitator of senior leaders across North America and Western Europe and Asia.

Heather Watt-Kapitain

As Partner in charge of business development and facilitation at KAP Design, Heather brings 15 years of project and event management experience to KAP ensuring a rich client experience and project success.
Julia NEW

Julia Christensen Hughes

Julia is founding dean of the purpose driven Gordon S. Lang School of business and economics, at the University of Guelph, has a PhD in Organizational Behaviour, and over 30 years of experience facilitating executive learning and supporting business owners, through a strategic understanding of human resources and a greater appreciation of the need to align organizational systems.

Advisory Board


In addition, Dan and Julian are currently assembling an Advisory Board who, as a group of senior leaders, would be able to provide experience and vision to a purpose-grounded consulting business and are interested in supporting its healthy growth.

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