Our Model


The Telosity Company will work together with you to create a healthy human company by choosing the necessary strategies, operations and systems required to harness the enormous power of profit to fuel your purpose, declare your brand, and activate your culture...now, next quarter, and for years.


Know their purpose and express it in a sound business strategy that serves real people.

Live a brand that is relevant to and valued by customers.


Activate their culture so that people are engaged and committed to the purpose.

Why Clarify your Purpose?

  • So you can build relationships with people and businesses who value what you offer.
  • So you can recruit and retain the best employees for your company.
  • So you can attract the shareholders whose capital your need to flourish.

Why Strengthen your Brand?

  • So others are attracted to and value a relationship with your company.
  • So you distinguish your company in important ways, from others.
  • So your company stands for something worthwhile, today, next quarter, for years.

Why Mobilize your Organization's Culture?

  • So that the important work, the Good Work, gets done, well.
  • So your brand is not an empty promise, but is real and vital and, above all, matters.
  • So your company delivers on your Purpose in measurable ways.
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