We help you clarify your Purpose, strengthen your Brand and mobilize your organization’s Culture…so that your company does more Good Work, today, next quarter, for years.

We help you clarify your Purpose, strengthen your Brand and mobilize your organization’s Culture…so that your company does more Good Work, today, next quarter, for years.

Case Studies


Why Clarify your Purpose?

  • So you can build relationships with people and businesses who value what you offer.
  • So you can recruit and retain the best employees for your company.
  • So you can attract the shareholders whose capital your need to flourish.


We sharpen your own conviction of why your company exists

A family office, the investment arm of a successful business family, asked us to help them define the ‘why’ that has guided them for years, but never really been articulated and then build out their business strategy that now guides their investment activities. The CEO of a consumer business, who recognized that their employees were looking for clarity of Purpose, asked us to find and help bring to life the Purpose of the global business he led. Another CEO, who recognized that the company knew its “What?” and its “How?”, engaged us to help frame a compelling “Why?”

We discern and bring to action the story of your company

A Canadian member-based organization asked us to help their Board and management frame a business strategy that would reflect the vision of the new CEO and help turn it from ideas into successful Good Work. We have led the strategy process for the Canadian arm of a global charity, for an international arts organization as well as a banking business, an insurance services company and a variety of others kinds of business.

We help you sharpen and implement your business strategy

A US-based insurance company, specializing in sustainable sectors, invited us to help guide and coach their management team to develop and present to their Board a compelling business strategy.

Why Strengthen your Brand?

  • So others are attracted to and value a relationship with your company.
  • So you distinguish your company in important ways, from others..
  • So your company stands for something worthwhile, today, next quarter, for years.


Develop, refine and validate your brand platform

An arts organization, well-known for its distinctive performance arts, invited us to help craft a brand that would help them grow their audiences internationally and strengthen their donor base.

Activate brand programs that Do Good Work each quarter

A national consumer brand company asked us to help create a new Corporate and Sustainability program that would leverage a wide array of corporate assets and create an economically viable program with measurable social benefit. A start-up retained us to be their ‘in house’ CMO until they could afford a full time person.

Leverage your brand to do Good Work every day

A technology start-up asked us to create the flow of content, in a variety of media that would both support their venture capital funding and attract new platform clients as they rapidly scaled up their business to make kids sports safer.  We create regular content for both ‘thought leadership’ and sales collateral for a variety of businesses.


Why Mobilize your Organization's Culture?

  • So that the important work, the Good Work, gets done, well.
  • So your brand is not an empty promise, but is real and vital and, above all, matters.
  • So your company delivers on your Purpose in measurable ways.


Clarify your values, articulate your employee promise and build/run an effective organization, that can Do Good Work for years

Two global marketing services firms have engaged us for several years to help translate founder and brand values into a clear set of expectations for leaders and to advise both CEO’s on how best to drive strategy execution over the long term.

Cultivate exemplary leaders with real followers, who deliver performance quarter by quarter

Boards and business leaders have asked us to help both directors and leaders to understand their impact on others and to coach them towards more effective leadership in both governance and management.  For a global HR function, we recently help them re-design the performance management process to enrich career and contribution conversations and help drive clear talent management decisions.

Help you listen to and engage your employees, with relevant communication, now

A consumer business asked us to help them design and activate a way for employees to affirm and reward “Good Work”.  We helped a retailer listen to and put to work the best insights of their employees to enrich the customer experience. With a manufacturing company, we helped to build an entire ‘sub-culture’ of employees who, though they worked for many different departments, came together to launch a vital and successful product business that led its category for years.

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