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The Telosity Company delivers purpose-driven success through business strategy, a customer-centric brand, sales and employee activation, and change management. We achieve this through facilitation, coaching, and impact assessment.

We create client value through three essential skill sets:



Listening and bringing forth the best thinking of others



Guiding leaders and teams through the challenging process of implementing their strategy


Impact Assessment

Asking the hard questions and measuring to investigate whether enough progress is being made

We apply these skills to three fundamental client challenges:


Business and Brand Strategy

Businesses and Brands need purpose, alignment, and commitment. We help you tell a compelling story and then help implement and assess whether sufficient progress is being made over the years.


Campaign Activation

These are tactical implementations to customers, employees and shareholders that communicate strategy, purpose, and progress towards its accomplishment each quarter.


Change Management

Change management is managing the people side of change, day in and day out.  It is the systematic management of customer and, employee engagement and adoption that begins with the transformation of each individual.

We help you drive business performance by clarifying your Purpose, strengthening your Brand and mobilizing your organization’s Culture…so that your company does more Good Work, today, next quarter, for years.

We co-create impact for YEARS by partnering with leaders to transform their organizations by defining their purpose, choosing their strategy, and uncovering the true identity of their company.

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