Our Values


What do we live by? The Telosity Company has six guiding principles.


We don’t have the authority to say that The Telosity Company is a company with integrity. Integrity is an attribute that can only be conferred by others who recognize it as being demonstrated by our choices.  By pursuing integrity, we seek to adhere to a set of principles and beliefs during good times and periods of adversity.  It requires unity across an organization.


Accountability is the ability to trust your colleagues to support/ guide you in times of contention, uncertainty, and procrastination.  It is not the presence of a big brother. It is the recognition of shared values and that the presence of others bolsters the pursuit of integrity. By holding each other accountable, we can push each other to the next level and prevent the onset of inertia.


The challenge faced by companies is the tension between the needs of individual and corporate identities.  Mutuality is the recognition of the value of each individual. We care deeply for our people and our stakeholders, you.  Again, we need to actively pursue a state of mutuality for it is rooted in trust and trust is given, not earned. Those at the helm must respect the values of those who row.  And those who row must trust in the leadership and vision of those at the helm.

 Sustainability & Sufficiency

 As members of both local and global communities, we are all learning the importance of sustainability.  Hand-in-hand with sustainability is sufficiency: the value of enough.  Intrinsic to a purpose-for-others is the recognition that “more” does not by default equate to better. A company lead by a purpose-for-others cannot just grow for growth’s sake, or it will lead to a loss of purpose and the submission of values to profit. To adhere to these values, one must always couple growth with “Why?”


For us, creativity lives in discernment and is the key to adaptability.  It lives in the willingness and ability to listen and pay attention, to turn a thing and view it from a new perspective. Creativity is the ability to hold all things in tension to promote harmony while facilitating maximum output.


Empathy is what enables the development of trust, and it begins with the act of listening with intention.  Listening with intention is listening to comprehend, respond to, and remember what was said.  A crucial part of our discernment process, empathy is the ability to identify and comprehend another’s situation, feelings, and motives.

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